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Sith (Stainless Steel Waterproof)
Sith (Stainless Steel Waterproof)
Sith (Stainless Steel Waterproof)
Sith (Stainless Steel Waterproof)
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Sith (Stainless Steel Waterproof)

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The best smart lock for key-less entry

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5 key-less way door entry system:

  • Tap technology (RFID) - This technology allows you to simply tap the proximity key card or configured sticker which can be put on your cellphone or your wearable device e.g. smart watch to unlock.
  • Fingerprint  - Use any of your fingers that are loaded onto the smart lock to gain entry.
  • PIN codes - Create multiple pins which can be permanent, cyclic or One Time PIN for various users
  • Bluetooth - Unlock or lock remotely from close proximity through your smartphone with Bluetooth via the app.
  • WiFi (Optional) - Remotely unlock from anywhere in the world within the app via internet connection.
Mechanical key - It can also be unlocked with a traditional mechanical key.


Much easier and more convenient for everyone

Provide the best experience possible and make sure your guesthouse runs efficiently, so that guests can relax and enjoy their stay.

  • Simplify key management with key-less entry, no more carrying around key bunches.
  • You can minimize the time consuming tasks and costs of replacing or changing locks and cutting keys.
  • Different keys can be generated for the same lock so admin can tell when each member of the family came in, or when the housekeeper arrived.
  • Allowing house keeping and maintenance staff to be given their own codes.
  • When guests leave, the manager or house keeping staff can access the room using their code, and delete the guest code at the same time.
  • The ultra slim Vader lock is suited for installation on aluminium doors
  • It is also made of stainless steel which is strong, durable and corrosion-resistant.
  • This smart lock is waterproof and can be installed outdoors with or without eaves. 

User Management

  • Allows multiple users
  • Able to add or remove users at a moments notice
  • Each user can have their own password or fingerprint
  • Grant users temporary, permanent or timed specific access
  • Deadline warning of expiring users access rights so you can renew in time or remove before the time.
  • Records stored on the lock and viewed on your smartphone through the app
  • Manage users from any location via WiFi  (optional add on)

Useful Features

With the Vader you get what you pay for and more. Its not just a fancy lock,its a smart fancy lock that is made of stainless steel 

  • Alarm (Tampering/Unauthorized user) - Alarm goes off if anyone tries to damage lock or if an unauthorized user enters incorrect PIN or fingerprint.
  • The smart lock is battery powered and uses low power consumption which allows batteries to lasts longer.
  • Smart lock able to be charged in emergency cases with a portable charger if battery is dead.
  • Low battery alarm for when the batteries in the lock are running low before they run flat.

Keep track of who comes and goes at all times*

The property owner can generate a record of when each door was opened. 

  • Guests
  • Domestic
  • Gardener
  • Employees
  • Pool Cleaners

*optional via WiFi add on only

Use this lock for

Most properties from homes, airbnbs, guesthouses, schools and businesses.

Also suitable for: 

  • Private development - Flats
  • Communes
  • Shared access areas

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Using a local locksmith, the locks can be fitted, and up and running very quickly.

Product Specifications

 Model  S31B
Suitable for doors

Aluminium Door

Wooden Door

Security Door

Mortise All Types
Door Thickness 30-80mm
Size 280mm(H)*38mm(W)*25mm(T)

APP Bluetooth Unlock

APP Wifi Unlock

Fingerprint Unlock

Password Unlock

Card Unlock

Key Unblock

Fingerprint sensor Semiconductor sensor
Data Capacity Unlimited

What do you get in package

Item Quantity
S31B Smart lock 1
 Mechanical key 3
Proximity key card 2
User Manual 1


NOTE: Unable to install under the following conditions:

A. Glass frame door, fence door, and interlocking door cannot be installed
B. The thickness of the door is less than 40mm, greater than 120mm, cannot be installed
C. At the door frame, the length of the flat surface less than 110mm, cannot be installed
D. If there are two doors in the house, the distance between the inner door and the outer door is less than 160mm, cannot be installed
E. When the door is aging or the heaven and earth hooks are not suitable, the heaven and earth hooks cannot be removed or refused to be removed, cannot be installed.
Tip: Batteries are not included in the package, please purchase the batteries by yourself. 

Smart Guesthouse Integration


Add the Bluetooth gateway device to make your lock WiFi compatible  

Once you have set up the connection between the WiFi device which links the smart lock and smartphone together. You will be able to remotely control the lock and receive real time notifications from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection on the mobile device and on the lock.



- Internet Connection

- WiFi Gateway device


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