Slim - Keyless Bluetooth Door Handle
Slim - Keyless Bluetooth Door Handle
Slim - Keyless Bluetooth Door Handle
Slim - Keyless Bluetooth Door Handle
Slim - Keyless Bluetooth Door Handle
Slim - Keyless Bluetooth Door Handle

Slim - Keyless Bluetooth Door Handle

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Keyless, Bluetooth fingerprint door lock with pin codes and tap to enter using your smartwatch, phone, or bank card.  View log history and manage lock via Bluetooth.  Unlock with Google Voice or Alexa using an optional wifi gateway and get live notifications to monitor all access remotely.  

6 key-less way door entry system:

  • Fingerprint  - Use any of your fingers that are loaded onto the smart lock to gain entry.
  • PIN codes - Create multiple pins which can be permanent, cyclic or One Time PIN for various users
  • Bluetooth - Unlock or lock remotely from close proximity through your smartphone with Bluetooth via the app.
  • Tap technology (RFID) - This technology allows you to simply tap the proximity key card or configured sticker which can be put on your cellphone or your wearable device e.g. smart watch to unlock.
  • Phone over WiFi (Optional) - Remotely unlock from anywhere in the world within the app via an internet connection.
  • Voice via Google or Alexa (with Wifi option only):  Use your voice command to unlock via phone or Bluetooth speaker.

 Optional WIFI: 

Integrate your Noki Smart Lock into your existing Smart Home.
Amazon Alexa

The Noki Skill for Amazon Alexa, you can easily connect your Noki Smart Lock with your Echo devices and all other Alexa-compatible devices providing you have an external Bluetooth gateway (wifi option) 

Google Assistant
You can conveniently control your Noki Smart Lock using voice commands, for example, lock your door. Providing you have an external Bluetooth gateway/ wifi option.  


Get real-time notifications and manage it all remotely from anywhere on your phone. Noki smart locks maintain records of all user (i.e. guest) activity. See lists of historic user entry times, user types, and dates and times. All from your phone.


    User Management

    • Allows multiple users
    • Able to add or remove users at a moments notice via Bluetooth or remotely via an optional wifi gateway.
    • Each user can have their own password or fingerprint
    • Grant users temporary, permanent or timed specific access
    • Deadline warning of expiring users access rights so you can renew in time or remove before the time.
    • Records are stored on the lock and viewed on your smartphone through the app
    • Manage users from any location via WiFi  (optional add on)


    Got multiple Locks, No problem!

    Manage all your locks on one app in one place.


    Restrict access by time/date per user

    It's much better than normal keys! Let your pins auto-expire after guests checkout, or prevent staff accounts from entering after hours. Everything is managed from your phone. With multiple users, you can set access rights to control who is in or out. Set user access according to type, times, dates or days of the week.



    • Capacitive Fingerprint Identification - One of the best fingerprint door locks in the market. Superfast fingerprint recognition and super easy configuration.
    • Anti-peep Touchscreen - Add random digits to protect your passcode from prying eyes. You can type in any number of random digits on the keypad, and can still gain access as long as the 1 correct password is embedded in the longer set of numbers.
    • Voice Guide - A user-friendly voice guide to help you through the programming process and day to day operations
    • Easy Locking from both inside and outside - Every time you want to lock the door and engage the deadbolt (or locking hooks in case of a sliding door), you just have to lift the handle up. This works from both inside and outside.
    • Passage Mode - You can configure this smart door lock to keep the lock unlocked when having people over or keeping a space open at certain times.
    • Auto-Locking - Set a time for the smart door lock handle to automatically lock after the door is closed. Auto-Lock mode disables the external/outer handle from unlocking the lock mechanism after the timeout.
    • Wireless Battery Powered - The smart lock uses ultra-low power consumption technology, this smart lock can be powered by AA batteries with up to 5 months of battery life through regular use. Low battery alerts on the lock and smartphone app.
    • Micro-USB For Emergency Power - Use an external battery to activate your smart lock even when the batteries are dead. 

      *optional via WiFi add on only

      Use this lock for

      Most properties from homes, airbnbs, guesthouses, schools and businesses.

      Also suitable for: 

      • Private development - Flats
      • Communes
      • Shared access areas



      Using a local locksmith, the locks can be fitted, and up and running very quickly.



      Product Specifications


      Mechanical key - It can also be unlocked with a traditional mechanical key.



       Model  S31B
      Door Types Standard Wooden Doors
      Mortise All Types
      Door Thickness 30-80mm
      Size 280mm(H)*38mm(W)*25mm(T)

      APP Bluetooth Unlock

      APP Wifi Unlock

      Fingerprint Unlock

      Password Unlock

      Card Unlock

      Key Unblock

      Fingerprint sensor Semiconductor sensor
      Data Capacity Unlimited




      What do you get in package

      Item Quantity
      Slim Smart Handle Door Lock 1
       Mechanical key 3
      Proximity key card 2
      User Manual 1


      NOTE: Unable to install under the following conditions:

      A. Glass frame door, fence door, and interlocking door cannot be installed
      B. The thickness of the door is less than 40mm, greater than 120mm, cannot be installed
      C. At the door frame, the length of the flat surface less than 110mm, cannot be installed
      D. If there are two doors in the house, the distance between the inner door and the outer door is less than 160mm, cannot be installed
      E. When the door is aging or the heaven and earth hooks are not suitable, the heaven and earth hooks cannot be removed or refused to be removed, cannot be installed.
      Tip: Batteries are not included in the package, please purchase the batteries by yourself. 


      Add the Bluetooth gateway device to make your lock WiFi compatible  

      Once you have set up the connection between the WiFi device which links the smart lock and smartphone together. You will be able to remotely control the lock and receive real-time notifications from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection on the mobile device and on the lock.



      - Internet Connection

      - WiFi Gateway device


        “We know you’ll love this product as much as we do. In fact, if for any reason you’re not completely satisfied, just return your purchased product within 14 days and we’ll issue a full refund.”