Become an armed response partner

Simplify armed response and increase revenue:

When armed response companies use Noki keyless smart locks, it is probably one of the simplest and most cost effective way to increase profits, while at the same time decreasing fleet costs. With wireless installation and inbuilt WIFI, you or the client can remotely manage guard access, get live access notifications while at the same time enhancing the client experience. 


Why should armed response companies add Noki:

  • Decrease key and access management to keyless homes. 
  • Maintain control over which guard accessed which property with live logs and notifications.
  • Multi user, unique access allows each guard to have their own identity and can be tracked to see exactly who entered when. 
  • Get faster access to client properties without using any keys
  • Increase profits on the sales and/or installation of the locks (optional). 
  • Better management of fleets during callouts.
  • With increased visibility, you will be aware if a alarm was accidently triggered after a client unlocked their door. Since you will receive both unlock and alarm notifications, probability is that clients accidently triggered the alarm, and not an intruder.
  • Using pin codes or finger print access, Noki smart locks can sync with and wirelessly automate the arm and disarming of  the alarm when the front door is unlocked.