What Is a Smart Door Lock?

  • A smart lock is a key-free replacement for traditional door locks. Once installed, smart locks connect to Bluetooth or your home’s wifi network. Simply set your code, download the lock’s app and type in the access code on your smartphone when in range. Voila! You’re inside in seconds without digging through your pockets.

Is your door compatible for a smart lock?

  • Although there’s no particular door design that doesn't work for a smart lock, you’ll want to double check the measurements of the new lock and compare them to your door to make sure the lock fits perfectly. If you’d like to keep your existing deadbolt, make sure the current lock is compatible with your smart lock.

What happens in the event of a power failure?

  • Smart locks are battery operated; batteries normally last from six months to a year. You’ll get an alert when the batteries need to be replaced so you don’t get locked out because of no power. New smart locks models even have external jacks to hook up a 9-volt battery, just in case the internal batteries die unexpectedly.

What type of batteries does the smart lock use?

  • The type batteries used are dependent on the model of the lock, they can be AA or AAA and rechargeable or non-rechargeable batteries.

Can I install a smart lock myself?

  • We still recommend you contact a locksmith.

What happens if I lose my phone connected to the smart lock?

  • Once you have a permanent replacement phone, there is no need to set up your locks again. All that is required is to download the App on the replacement phone and sign in. All of your Noki devices will remain set up in your account.

Is the smart lock waterproof?

  • Smart Locks are water-resistant enough to withstand normal rainfall but are not able to be submerged. If there is an additional concern of water damage, measures can be taken in order to even better seal the lock. Smart locks are only water-resistant to rain on the outside section of the door, not the inside.

Are smart locks safe?

  • Smart locks won't necessarily make your home any safer, but they allow for more control. You can lock and unlock your door from anywhere and extend digital "keys" to friends, family, caregivers or anyone else who regularly visits your home.