Yoda - Smart Deadbolt
Yoda - Smart Deadbolt
Yoda - Smart Deadbolt
Yoda - Smart Deadbolt
Yoda - Smart Deadbolt
Yoda - Smart Deadbolt
Yoda - Smart Deadbolt
Yoda - Smart Deadbolt

Yoda - Smart Deadbolt

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Premium Quality Smart lock:

Smart waterproof deadbolt door with inbuilt WIFI (Tuya).

Fingerprint door lock that gives secure and fast fingerprint access for staff and kids, pin codes that expire to guests or maintenance crews, or lets you tap to enter using your smartwatch, phone or bank card. If that's not enough you can lock and unlock from anywhere by phone over wifi for seamless control. With real-time notifications, you can see who unlocks the door.  Wireless installation.

Includes 4 key-less ways of entry:

  • Fingerprint  - Use any of your fingers that are loaded onto the smart lock to gain entry.
  • PIN codes - Create multiple pins which can be temporary, timed access, permanent, cyclic or One Time PIN for various guests.
  • WiFi (Inbuilt Tuya Wifi) - Remotely unlock from anywhere using your phone (even after hours). Manage your entire lock from anywhere. Grant and remove access and users.
  • Tap technology (RFID - Card) - Simply tap a paired card, phone, sports band, bank card, or RFI sticker on the lock to unlock. 
  • Mechanical key - The lock can also be unlocked with a traditional mechanical key in case of emergency.



Control it all from one place:

Easy App Management

  • Grant access or unlock from anywhere at any time using your phone.
  • Allows multiple guests and users to be added.
  • Admin is able to add or remove users with the App.
  • Each user can have their own password or fingerprint as a mode of entry
  • Grant users temporary, permanent or timed specified access.  Fix periods, specific weekdays, and specific times during the day.
  • Entry records and users are stored on the lock and viewed on your smartphone through the App


Get real-time notifications and manage it all remotely from anywhere on your phone. Noki smart locks maintain records of all user (i.e. guest) activity. See lists of historic user entry times, user types, and dates and times. All from your phone.




Unlike most smart locks its also rainproof for outdoor or front door use.

Create multiple users

Set up as many users as you want. Each can have their own methods of entry or rules and access times.
  • Guests
  • Staff
  • Garden services
  • Pool Cleaning services

Got multiple Locks, No problem!

Manage all your locks on one app in one place.


Restrict access by time/date per user

It's much better than normal keys! Let your pins auto-expire after guests checkout, or prevent staff accounts from entering after hours. Everything is managed from your phone. With multiple users you can set access rights to control who is in or out. Set user access according to type, times, dates or days of the week.


Perfect for Airbnb:



Powered by Tuya Smart Home Integration

Using Tuya, Noki locks can interact with all your smart home devices.  So when arriving home it can set the scene for your personal preferences. Like automatically switching off the alarm, putting on the lights, and boiling the kettle, etc.

Other Smart Lock Features:

  • Weather Resistant - The exterior lock body is made from Aluminium Alloy which is weather-resistant and dust resistant. It's ideal for use on both external and internal doors and comes with an IP rating of IP55.
  • Capacitive Fingerprint Identification - One of the best fingerprint door locks in the market. Super fast fingerprint recognition and super easy configuration.
  • Anti-peep Touchscreen - Add random digits to protect your passcode from prying eyes. You can type in any number of random digits on the keypad, and can still gain access as long as the 1 correct password is embedded in the longer set of numbers.
  • Voice Guide - A user-friendly voice guide to help you through the programming process and day to day operations
  • Easy Locking from both inside and outside - Every time you want to lock the door and engage the deadbolt (or locking hooks in case of a sliding door), you just have to lift the handle up. This works from both inside and outside.
  • Passage Mode - You can configure this smart door lock to keep the lock unlocked when having people over or keeping a space open at certain times.
  • Auto-Locking - Set a time for the smart door lock handle to automatically lock after the door is closed. Auto-Lock mode disables the external/outer handle from unlocking the lock mechanism after the timeout.
  • Battery Powered - The smart lock uses ultra-low power consumption technology, this smart lock can be powered by AA batteries with more than 10 months of battery life through regular use. Low battery alerts on the lock and smartphone app.
  • Micro-USB For Emergency Power - Use an external battery to activate your smart lock even when the batteries are dead. 

Money Back Guarantee

TRY IT FREE!!!  NO RISK - 30 Day Money Back Guarantee



    With its elegant luxurious look the installation is completely without any wires. Since its weather-resistant it's ideal for both internal and external doors. This lock can be added to any existing door with an existing lock.  No need to remove your current handle.

    NOTE: Unable to install under the following conditions:

    A. Glass door, fence door, and interlocking door cannot be installed
    B. If the thickness of the door is less than 40mm, greater than 120mm, cannot be installed.
    C. At the door frame, the length of the flat surface less than 110mm, cannot be installed

    Tip: Standard AA batteries are not included. .


    Model Yoda
    Unlock using

    WiFi/Fingerprint/Card/PIN Code/ Mechanical Key

    Colour Black/Silver
    App:  Tuya 
    Product Material Aluminum Alloy
    Working Voltage 6V(4*AA Batteries)
    Battery Life Normal use for 6 months
    Fingerprint Reader FPC Fingerprint Reader
    Card Type MF1 Card(13.56MHz)
    Door Thickness Suitable for 35-60mm
    Suitable for Doors Wooden Door/Composit Door/Steel Door
    Suitablefor Mortises ANSI 60/70 Deadbolt








    Item Quantity
    Yoda - Smart lock 1
    Mechanical key 3
    Proximity key card 2
    User Manual 1

    Additional Information:

    Please note: This model does not come with a remote control button as per the video.


    - Lock can be operated standalone without wifi or phone however should you want to use  wifi and a phone for remote unlocking and notifications you will need:
    - Wifi Internet Connection
    - Smart Phone that can use the Tuya app


    All items come with 6 months warranty
    During warranty period, our factory will repair of replace your lock upon return to us. 
    Technical support will be offered through all the after-sales services.

    Order Shipment

    If your order is stock and we process the charges to your credit card, it will ship within 24 hours from the date of your order if in stock. We will send you tracking information within 24 hours of your order leaving the warehouse to the email address you provide when checking out. If you do not receive tracking information from us within 1 business days of your order, feel free to follow up with us at sales@llumins.co.za

    Average delivery takes 3 - 5 working days.

    Shipping Costs

    The cost of shipping within South Africa to all major cities is: R 80

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