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Vader - Waterproof Smart Lock
Vader - Waterproof Smart Lock
Vader - Waterproof Smart Lock
Vader - Waterproof Smart Lock
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Vader - Waterproof Smart Lock

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A 8 in 1 Key-less Smart Lock for smart homes


7 ways to key-less door entry:

  • Fingerprint  - Use any of your fingers that are loaded onto the smart lock to gain entry.
  • PIN codes - Create multiple pins which can be permanent, cyclic or One Time PIN for various users
  • Tap technology (RFID) - This technology allows you to simply tap the proximity key card or configured sticker which can be put on your cellphone or your wearable device e.g. smart watch to unlock.
  • Google Home (Google Nest) - Able to integrate and enable users to speak voice commands to interact with services through Google Home.
  • Alexa (Amazon Echo) - Able to integrate and enable users to speak voice commands to interact with services through Google Home.
  • WiFi (Optional) - Remotely unlock from anywhere in the world within the app via internet connection.
  • Bluetooth - Unlock or lock remotely from close proximity through your smartphone with Bluetooth via the app.
  • Mechanical key - Backup mechanical key for an emergency override.

User management:

  • Key-less Entry - App enables you to unlock your door with your smartphone.
  • Manage Users - Know who has access to your lock and how.
  • Add or delete user codes, fingerprints and key fobs. 
  • Share E-keys - Grant access for specific dates or times.
  • Log Record - You can see a Log of who's entered and exactly when they did from your smartphone.

  • Smart lock Features:

    • Weather Resistant - The exterior lock body is made from Aluminium Alloy which is weather-resistant and dust resistant. It's ideal for use on both external and internal doors and comes with an IP rating of IP55.
    • Capacitive Fingerprint Identification - One of the best fingerprint door locks in the market. Super fast fingerprint recognition and super easy configuration.
    • Anti-peep Touchscreen - Add random digits to protect your passcode from prying eyes. You can type in any number of random digits on the keypad, and can still gain access as long as the 1 correct password is embedded in the longer set of numbers.
    • Voice Guide - A user-friendly voice guide to help you through the programming process and day to day operations
    • Easy Locking from both inside and outside - Every time you want to lock the door and engage the deadbolt (or locking hooks in case of a sliding door), you just have to lift the handle up. This works from both inside and outside.
    • Passage Mode - You can configure this smart door lock to keep the lock unlocked when having people over or keeping a space open at certain times.
    • Auto-Locking - Set a time for the smart door lock handle to automatically lock after the door is closed. Auto-Lock mode disables the external/outer handle from unlocking the lock mechanism after the timeout.
    • Battery Powered - The smart lock uses ultra-low power consumption technology, this smart lock can be powered by AA batteries with more than 10 months of battery life through regular use. Low battery alerts on the lock and smartphone app.
    • Micro-USB For Emergency Power - Use an external battery to activate your smart lock even when the batteries are dead. 

    Smart Home Integration

    Integrate your Noki Smart Lock into your existing Smart Home.

    Amazon Alexa
    The Noki Skill for Amazon Alexa, you can easily connect your Noki Smart Lock with your Echo devices and all other Alexa-compatible devices.

    Google Assistant
    You can conveniently control your Noki Smart Lock using voice commands, for example lock your door.

    Elegant Slimline Smart Door Lock

    Elegant luxurious look, wireless installation and weather-resistant design means it's ideal for both internal and external doors. 

    This smart door handle is suitable for metal, aluminium or wooden doors and specially made for narrow door frames.

    Use this lock for

    Most properties from homes, airbnbs, guesthouses, schools and businesses.

    Also suitable for: 

    • Private development - Flats
    • Communes
    • Shared access areas

    Money Back Guarantee

    TRY IT FREE!!!  NO RISK - 30 Day Money Back Guarantee



    Any locksmith should be able to install this lock.

    The lock body is the part installed inside the door (i.e. inside the mortise cut-out). The lock body is included as a part of this lock set. Just select the lock body you want when ordering.

    SDL-S1 Smart Slim 5-in-1 Lever/Handle bluetooth fingerprint wifi

    Also, this smart mortise door lock supports multiple mortise options, based on the available space and could easily be retrofitted to your existing mortise with its design (check specification for more information)

    Door Type - Backset (BS) Total Mortise Width Minimum Door Frame Width
    Swing - 28mm 43 mm 49 mm
    Swing - 30mm 45 mm 51 mm
    Swing - 35mm 50 mm 56 mm
    Swing - 50mm 65 mm 71 mm
    Swing - 60mm 75 mm 81 mm
    Sliding - 28mm 43 mm 49 mm
    Sliding - 35mm 50 mm 56 mm
    • Back-set - Distance from the start of the face plate (including) to the center of the square spindle hole
    • Minimum Door frame width - Minimum distance from the edge of the door frame to any glass or molding. This is the minimum flat surface area available, to mount your smart door lock.

    Check the illustration below to measure and calculate the back-set and your minimum door frame width. 

    SDL-S1 Smart Slim 5-in-1 Lever/Handle bluetooth fingerprint wifi

    Not sure how to select the correct mortise lock body for your door? You can contact us and we will happily help you out.


    Basic Specifications

    Model Vader 
    Finish Black or Silver
    Door Thickness 35 - 65 mm
    Door Handing Reversible (Left and Right)
    Dimensions H 300mm x W 43mm x D 25 mm
    Unlock Methods

    TTLock App/Bluetooth
    Card (Mifare 13.56 MHz)
    Mechanical Key
    Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi Bridge required)

    Warranty 12 Months

    Additional Specifications

    Connectivity Bluetooth 4.0
    Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi Bridge required)
    User Capacity
    200 Fingerprints
    200 Cards
    150 Codes
    Identification Time Instant recognition under 0.1 seconds
    Code User-defined 4-8 digit
    Compatible Smartphone iOS7.0 or above, Android 4.4 or above
    Remote Access Yes, Wi-Fi Bridge is required
    Working Voltage 6 V (4 X Alkaline AAA Batteries)
    Working Temperature External Assembly: -4 °F ~ 149 °F (-20 °C ~ 65 °C)
    Internal Assembly: 14 °F ~ 131 °F (-10 °C ~ 55 °C)
    Battery Life Approx. 10 Months (Average 10 times a day)
    Compatible Smart Home Eco-system Alexa and Google Assistant (Wi-Fi Bridge is required)
    Hardware Type Lever
    Case Material Aluminium
    Weight 3 kg
    Mechanical Key Override Yes
    Micro-USB Backup Power Interface Yes
    Keypad Backlight Yes
    IP Rating IP55


    Get even more from your Vader Smart Lock. The Wi-Fi add on option allows you to control the access to your door remotely while you're away from your home and monitor all activity remotely.

    SDL-S1 Smart Slim 5-in-1 Lever/Handle bluetooth fingerprint wifi

    • The Wi-Fi Bridge lets you lock and unlock your door from anywhere – right from your phone. Instantly let friends, family, and home-service providers in even when you're not home.
    • Manage Users remotely even when you are away - Add or delete user codes, fingerprints and key fobs remotely. 
    • Receive smartphone notifications when someone opens your door, no matter where you are
    • Control your smart door lock with your voice - Just ask Amazon Echo or Google Home to control your Smart Lock.

    Additional Information:


    All items come with 1 year warranty
    During warranty period, our factory will offer free service for replacement. Beyond warranty, we can also offer spare parts and maintenance with paid service.
    Technical support will be offered through all the after-sales service.

    Order Shipment

    If your order is stock and we process the charges to your credit card, it will ship within 24 hours from the date of your order if in stock. We will send you tracking information within 24 hours of your order leaving the warehouse to the email address you provide when checking out. If you do not receive tracking information from us within six business days of your order, feel free to follow up with us at sales@llumins.co.za

    Average delivery takes 3 - 5 working days.

    Shipping Costs

    Cost of shipping within South Africa to all major cities is: R95


    Should you place an order and there is no stock at the time of placing your order. You can still place your order, you may have to wait 6 weeks for delivery but you will be eligible for 25% discount off your order.

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