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Yoda - Waterproof Smart Lock
Yoda - Waterproof Smart Lock
Yoda - Waterproof Smart Lock
Yoda - Waterproof Smart Lock
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Yoda - Waterproof Smart Lock

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Key-less house entry

The ultimate smart lock for controlling entry remotely

Smart deadbolt can be added to any existing door

Make your home as smart as you

  • Allow guests key-less self check in at anytime
  • No more having to wait for late guests or service providers to arrive to give keys, you can grant users access by means of keypad entry.
  • Grant your family or staff fingerprint access as their means of entry, this is the most secure as they cannot share this with anyone else.
  • Provide your maintenance service providers a convenient means of entry to property in cases of maintenance & repair issues or to simplify access problems during emergencies.
  • With the optional add on of the WiFi unlock device you can lock and unlock remotely from anywhere, now you can enjoy peace of mind and your leisure time.

Includes 7 key-less ways of entry:

  • Fingerprint  - The most secure method of access best used for regular users such as staff, guests and agents, etc.
  • PIN codes - Create multiple pins which can be temporary, time accessed, permanent, cyclic or One Time PIN for various guests.
  • WiFi (Optional) - Remotely unlock from anywhere using your phone (even after hours)
  • Tap technology (RFID - Card) - This technology allows your clients to tap the proximity key card to unlock.
  • Bluetooth - Guests can gain access using their smartphones with bluetooth
  • Alexa (Amazon Echo) Able to integrate and enable users to speak voice commands to interact with services through Google Home.
  • Google Home (Google Nest) - Able to integrate and enable users to speak voice commands to interact with services through Google Home.
  • Mechanical key - The lock can also be unlocked with a traditional mechanical key in case of emergency.



Easy App Management

  • Allows multiple guests and users to be added
  • Track and record who comes and goes and when, using the App you can see a history of user entry and exit times and methods.
  • Admin is able to add or remove users with the App
  • Each user can have their own password or fingerprint as a mode of entry
  • Grant users temporary, permanent or timed specified access
  • Records stored on the lock and viewed on your smartphone through the App
  • Oversee users from any location via WiFi  (optional add on)
The lock allows you to know which user entered and the method they used to enter as well as when they left.
  • Guests
  • Staff
  • Garden services
  • Pool Cleaning services
*optional via WiFi add on only 

Smart Lock Features:

  • This lock is durable and strong, made out of aluminium which is also rust proof.
  • The lock can be used outdoors and is waterproof. 
  • Voice prompts on smart lock, admin able to control sound settings.
  • Tampered glass keypad with sensuous back-lighting for dark passages and hallways or night time.
  • The smart lock can be set to automate locking after a certain time and admin can set the time.
  • The smart lock is battery powered and uses low power consumption which allows batteries to lasts longer.
  • Low battery alarm for when the batteries in the lock are running low before they are dead.
  • Smart lock is able to be charged in emergency cases with a portable charger if battery is dead.

Money Back Guarantee

TRY IT FREE!!!  NO RISK - 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


    This lock can be installed by your local locksmith and does come with a user manual which has installation instructions.

    NOTE: Unable to install under the following conditions:

    A. Glass door, fence door, and interlocking door cannot be installed
    B. The thickness of the door is less than 40mm, greater than 120mm, cannot be installed
    C. At the door frame, the length of the flat surface less than 110mm, cannot be installed
    D. If there are two doors in the house, the distance between the inner door and the outer door is less than 160mm, cannot be installed

    Tip: Batteries are not included in the package, please purchase the batteries by yourself.


    Model Yoda

    Bluetooth/WiFi/Fingerprint/Card/PIN Code/

    Mechanical Key

    Colour Black/Silver
    System Selection TTLock APP/Tuya APP
    Product Material Aluminum
    Working Voltage 6V(4*AA Batteries)
    Battery Life Normal use for 6 months
    Fingerprint Reader FPC Fingerprint Reader
    Card Type MF1 Card(13.56MHz)
    Door Thickness Fit for 35-75mm
    Suitable for Doors Wooden Door/Security Door
    Suitablefor Mortises ANSI 60/70 Deadbolt


    Item Quantity
    Yoda - Smart lock 1
    Mechanical key 3
    Proximity key card 2
    User Manual 1


    Also suitable for: 

    • Homes
    • Guesthouses
    • Businesses
    • Private development - Flats
    • Communes
    • Shared access areas
    • Schools

    Smart Home Integration


    Recommended for guesthouses add the bluetooth gateway device to make your lock WiFi compatible  

    This optional extra you can have set up the connection between the WiFi device which links the smart lock and smartphone together. You will be able to remotely control the lock and receive real time notifications from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection on the mobile device and on the property the lock is on.




    - Internet Connection

    - WiFi Gateway device

    Additional Information:


    All items come with 1 year warranty
    During warranty period, our factory will offer free service for replacement. Beyond warranty, we can also offer spare parts and maintenance with paid service.
    Technical support will be offered through all the after-sales service.

    Order Shipment

    If your order is stock and we process the charges to your credit card, it will ship within 24 hours from the date of your order if in stock. We will send you tracking information within 24 hours of your order leaving the warehouse to the email address you provide when checking out. If you do not receive tracking information from us within six business days of your order, feel free to follow up with us at sales@llumins.co.za

    Average delivery takes 3 - 5 working days.

    Shipping Costs

    Cost of shipping within South Africa to all major cities is: R 95


    Should you place an order and there is no stock at the time of placing your order. You can still place your order, you may have to wait 6 weeks for delivery but you will be eligible for 25% discount off your order.

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